Sunday, February 27, 2011

Adventure Du Jour

Bonjour! Today's adventure in The Big Bad City was neither bad nor overly adventurous. But, it was big and fun! As you know, I live way uptown in Harlem. Today, I ventured down to NYU area and got a picture of something I've wanted to see since I moved here. Here it is:
As you can tell, it's a street sign. What you may not be able to see is what street corner this is. It's the corner of Chrystie and Delancey. This corner was made famous in one of my favorite movies, (and therefore why I wanted to go down there) Happy Accidents. I have been working hard on my thesis work and decided to get out and enjoy this most gorgeous New York day. It was warm, beautifully sunny, and amazingly perfect. I re-fell in love with the city today. Only to then realize I only have about 2 short months left.

After visiting here, I decided to walk a few more blocks and visit Bleecker Street. This was made famous (to me, anyway) by the show Felicity. It is also very known (apparently) for its fashion and shopping (any shocker why I didn't know that!?). So, I took a pic of that subway stop, that Felicity is leaning on in the credits. However, I didn't go down INTO the station to actually get a pic of the pole (maybe one day) because I didn't really feel like wasting the money. I realize the whole adventure was essentially a waste ofmoney, but why waste more? So, here's that one.

And on my return to my neck of the woods, I decided to stop at Central Park. I had brought a book along to read on the train, and it being such a fantastically gorgeous day, I thought I'd make more of it. On my walk from the train to the park, I saw this:

If you can't tell, it's a sculpture of roses. It's in the median at Park and 62nd, I think. Somewhere around there. It was just so random and pretty.

I love being a tourist in my own town. Today was a lot of fun! It got me outside (which I haven't really been able to do and enjoy in a while) and gave me a break from my work. Yay! I ♥ NYC!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Crazy Week

Hi everyone! What a crazy week I've had. As you probably know, I work 2 jobs and am a more-than-full-time student. It's just the way it is. One of my jobs is that I work for the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project. It's kind of like a separate company within the school. It works with teachers around the city doing professional development in literacy. It also works (on a much lighter scale) with other schools around the world doing the same thing. Anyway, each year TCRWP puts on institutes. There is the coaching institute (which has people from all over the world coming to learn how to coach classroom teachers to be better literacy leaders, and it's for those that are the lit-support specialists in their schools), the February mini-institute (don't let the name fool you - there are still 450+ participants. And this year, it was scheduled for the week after coaching...ug!), and a Summer Writing and Summer Reading in July and August (1 of each in each). There are a total of 6 institutes. It's a madhouse.

However, this past week kicked it all off. Coaching started last Monday. All was great. It went smoothly, and Monday was just a bit hectic trying to set up, but it was fine. Come Wednesday, shit hit the fan! We realized we didn't have the materials necessary for Registration on Monday. And it would be VERY difficult (and at the time, we believed impossible) to get them in time. However, miracles (obviously) do happen, and it all worked out.

After many LOOOOONNGG hours last week and working every day (including Saturday and Sunday), the institute kicked off yesterday so smoothly! It couldn't have gone better! See, all that hard work pays off. :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Last Challenge Day...oops

Oops, I guess I never posted this...sorry! :)

Day 30 - A Picture

Well, the most recent good picture of me is from this past weekend. Patrick and I flew down to Florida to surprise Julie at Disney and go to a Guster concert with Becky. This picture is from the latter. It was such a great weekend!

And then come all the other pictures from that trip! :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Challenge Update

Day 24 - Something I've Learned
I've learned a lot in my life, that's for sure. A major lesson I've learned, sadly the way most of the important lessons are learned--the hard
way, is to not take advantage of things you have now, because you don't know when they'll leave you. This goes for people, pets, things and even places. I love my mountains, and I never get tired of seeing them. I love my family and friends and boyfriend, and I tell them all the time! I constantly remind myself how lucky I am to have such wonderful people and things in my life, and that I need to be cognizant of that.

Day 25 - iPod Shuffle
For this day, it says to put your iPod on shuffle and list the first 10 songs played. Ok. Here goes.

1. Dirty Little Secret - All American Rejects
2. Glycerine - Bush
3. Amid the Falling Snow - Enya
4. Eden - Guster
5. One Day - Trading Yesterday
6. Photograph - Weezer
7. Nothing Left to Lose - Mat Kearney
8. Paper Planes - M.I.A.
9. Foreward - Linkin Park
10. Lover Lay Down - Dave Matthews Band

As you can see, quite a mix. It's pretty much what happens in my iPod...a mix of soft to punk, death to Christian, randomness--like me!

Day 26 - Something I have yet to learn
Anyone who knows me knows I struggle with one major flaw - patience. I really only have patience when it comes to teaching. I often say that God put all my patience allotment in one bucket - teaching. So, I really don't have patience for much else, but I'm working on it.

Day 27 - Pets
I have Sam, my kitty, who's 7 month's old and already 11 or so pounds. He's a Maine Coon whose daddy was 25 lbs!
I also have Gus, my puppy. He's nearly 4 no
w, and I love him and miss him terribly. He's a puggle (part pug, part beagle). He's a rare one...he's brindle. Most puggles are fawn.

Here are some pics:

Day 28 - Something that stresses me
Like day 26 mentioned, I'm not superly patient. So, unfortunately, many things stress me. I'm working hard on this, but in the mean time, I'm rather easily frustrated (ESPECIALLY by technology). It's supposed to be instant, right?!

Day 29 - Three Wishes
If I had three wishes, what would they be? Apparently, as a woman, it's supposed to be for a pony, a seagull, and something other than socket wrenches (like world peace). But, alas, I have no space for a pony, birds scare me, and I really could probably use some socket wrenches. :) But, for my three wishes, I'd wish for health and happiness for all I love; I'd like to be able to follow all my dreams (including making dreams of my loved ones come true); and I'd wish for ability to make a difference. Those are the things that mean the most to me, and if I had wishes, I'd like to make those things come true.

Monday, February 7, 2011

What a FABULOUS Weekend!

I had an amazing weekend! I truly have an awesome excuse for not blogging. This weekend (Thursday-Sunday) I flew down to Florida to see Becky, Kevin and Porter. My best friend, Julie, and her baby, Sara, were there to visit Disney for Sara's wish from Kid'sWish Network. Patrick and I came down and surprised her at Disney and then went to a Guster concert with Becky and Kevin and some other friends on Saturday.

The whole weekend was magical. Friday was so fun, surprising both Sara and Julie. They had no clue. They were excited just to finally meet Becky and Porter and hang out with them for the day at Disney, but then Patrick and I were there too---FUN! The reaction was awesome. :D

Then, Saturday, we hung out, and just relaxed. Because Saturday night ROCKED!!! I still can't believe that in all these years as hard-core Guster fans (WELL over a decade), that Becky and I have never been to a concert together. But it was totally awesome. It was the close of the spring tour, and the concert was great. Being there with Becky was just super great. Patrick kept saying that it was so fun watching Becky and me have so much fun. :)

Then, Sunday, we went to the science museum in Orlando. That was pretty neat. Definitely a nice way to kill some time before the airport. That was just the three of us.

Overall, it was by far the best weekend I've spent with Becky. I'm really glad we're becoming so much closer. And OMG Porter is the cutest! What an angel. Perfect weekend! (Plus Greenbay won! :D)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 23 -- Favorite Vacation

Ha! Like yesterday, I'd say my favorite vacation is, again, one I've never taken. I've planned it (many times actually, with many different variations) but never gone. This, of course, would be my trip to Europe. Ideally, I would go all around Europe, visiting all the best places, and seeing all the best things. Or, I could just focus on one place--France. Or, honestly, anywhere. I just love traveling.

Now, for a vacation I've actually been on, I'd say either Belize or the cruise my family took when I was in middle school. It was so much fun. And the islands were beautiful; the culture captivates me. Belize, too. Amazingly beautiful and culture-filled. I love it!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 22--My Favorite City

Well this is interesting. I'm not sure I can answer this. Part of me wants to say Paris. I am completely enamored. I love it. However, since I haven't been there, I suppose I can't really claim it as my favorite city.

So, moving on to a city I've actually been to, I'd say, like my sister, Boston. While I do love New York, I've loved Boston since I was a little girl. It's beautiful, historical, and absolutely amazing. Plus, it's full of intellectually stimulating opportunities.

As far as the city I've lived in, totally would be Boulder. It's beautiful, seated at the foot of the most amazing playground, and my love is there. They say, home is where the heart is. Totally. Boulder!