Thursday, May 5, 2011

Reflection is Natural

As time passes and change approaches, it is only natural to become reflective. Right? Sure!

So, as I look back on my nearly one year spent in New York City, I think about all I've learned and accomplished and the things, people and places I'll miss so much.

Things I've learned:
1. Some things, only NYC can teach you. For example, crosswalk signs are worthless. The only thing that dictates whether you cross or not is traffic. You can always spot the tourists/people that don't belong because they're waiting when there aren't cars in sight! Another example: how to hail a cab. It's funny; it seems intuitive, but it's really not, and nobody really teaches you. So, I'll teach you and save you the frustration next time you're here: the light on top is the key. The middle light on means he's available. All lit up means he's off duty and won't stop. Unlit means he has a fare (again, he won't stop). Finally, if you want to survive, don't be afraid to ask! New Yorkers seem so rough and tumble, but really if you just ask, they're friendly and very helpful (especially with directions).

2. I love teaching, and I'm born to do it! Not that this is really news to me, but it has definitely been reconfirmed in this year here.

3. I am strong. Again, this may not be new news, but I've been taught over and over these past few years just how strong I am, and this year was no exception. It was hard being out here alone, but I not only did it--I thrived! I love New York, and while I'm happy to be going home (I've missed it a lot), I will definitely miss it!

People/Places/Things I'll Miss:
1. My friends! This is obvious! I've made some GREAT friends out here. I'll really miss seeing them, and I hope they come visit me out in CO soon. I'll also really miss being so close to the friends I grew up with. I've seen them more this past nearly-year than I have since I left New England 12 years ago! It's been great. I miss them a lot, and it's been so nice being so close.

2. Jesus Taco, Wafel Truck, S'Mac, Max Cafe, Appletree, Subsconscious, Metro Diner...are you getting a theme here? I'm totally gonna miss the food here. Not only that, I'm gonna miss that I can get it any time day or night delivered to me, usually for free! I love this place. Haha. How am I not 6000 pounds?

3. I'll miss discovery. I've discovered so many new things and places while here. The abundance of learning astounds me. It's my crack (perhaps that and food). And while I've desperately missed my mountains being out here, I'll miss the discovery of the City once home.

Overall, it's been a fabulous year, but I'm so glad to be done with school and going home. I've missed it a lot! I'll come back and visit; the City can't quit me that easily. ;)

I heart NYC! :)