Friday, July 30, 2010

Things I miss

Chillin' in the room. (Miss you, baby!)

Missing my best friend...

And her baby...

Pics here

Missing my puppy, too. :(

More pics

Hard to kiss when wearing a hat!

Ain't he so cute! This is sewious! This is what happens when you don't open up...it goes in your ear! :D

I see the resemblance...don't you?


Long awaited...PICTURES! :)

My last look at CO...sad!

Yay! Back in the land of DD!

This is my sign at the subway station! 116th and Broadway 1 train. Idn't it neat? A lot of the stations have really nice mosaics like this. I think it's a nice touch.

Long time no write...sorry!

I realize it's been quite a while since I've posted. I finally got my computer back (yay!), and now I can blog-away!

It's been a relatively uneventful week, good, and things are picking up. I went out to Harlem last Friday to return a movie...wow, this city sure changes on a Friday night. It was buzzing with life! Then it hit me! I've not been home a single weekend since I moved in. That's nuts. First it was Becky's shower, then CT, then WI. But it's a fun time, and I've had a blast! So, the day before I left for Wisconsin and realized the city has life, I vowed to see some of it the next weekend (this weekend), but we'll see how that goes. As I still have no one to experience it with, really, I'll probably just stay home and work on my research papers.

As for my trip to Minnesota and Wisconsin, it was great! I flew into MN, because that's where Ben lives. Ben (Patrick's brother) has spent the last four months on a Mercy Ship (hospital ship) off the coast of Togo, Africa. So he finally came home, and all his family came out to greet him. His mom and Patrick came a day early to get his house in order...spruce it up since it's been closed up for four months. Then his dad arrived Saturday after picking up his cousins and I came a bit later. Ben got in at about 9pm. It was really fun to meet all his family (I'd only met his parents before when they came out to CO about a month and a half ago) and spend time with them. Then Monday morning we drove to WI and saw all the old spots I'd heard so much about. I got to see Patrick's high school, the "ski hill" (so cute! It was about the size of Eldora's mini lift hill.), his parents church and the elementary school he attended, and his old stomping ground. It was neat. I left Tuesday afternoon.

So here I am, back in the city, and have a crap ton of homework. I spent all day Wednesday working hard before class and Thursday, too. Now I am down to just my research papers, which I'm not as worried about. I have all weekend to do one and a week to do the other...no sweat, right? We'll see. So, I guess I'm off to start working on those now. Can't put it off forever, and I'd rather somewhat enjoy my weekend.

I'm going to try a new church on Sunday. I'm pretty excited about it. It's one that Scott (one of the pastors at Flatirons) suggested to me, and I've listened to it online. It seems quite similar. I'm excited to see.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Finally! Adventureless!

So I've been saying that every outing has become this huge adventure, and nothing really ever goes smoothly, right? Well, yesterday...it kinda worked out. I went to drop off my computer to the Apple Store (poor baby...is sick :( well not really) and came home. No drama, no fuss. Yay! On the way home I stopped at the drug store to pick up my prescription. Not ready...had to order it. Grr! Ok, fine. I went next door to pick up my dry cleaning. Not ready, running a day behind. Double grr! Yet another night without a pillow. Sigh, fine. So, it was fairly adventureless, but still not dramaless. *rolls eyes*. O this city...
In the mean time, I'm working on getting ready to go to CT this weekend. I leave today. Since I don't have a printer in my room (or a computer right now) I have to go to the lab to print anything. As I'm staring around waiting for my print job to queue, I notice a bright yellow sign outside the door. I really wish I could take a picture and put it in here, but alas I have no way to do that right now. Anyway, it's a big sign reading, "Fallout Shelter Starts Here" with an arrow. How funny! I love old buildings. :)
I really don't have much going on lately to report, but I'm sure I'll have fun this weekend with the newly engaged couple (awww!!!) and Amanda's family. Hopefully Jeff is still in town, and I can see him (It's been years!). But then I'll be back on the train and in the chaotic fun city in no time. :) I really am getting used to it here and kinda starting to enjoy it (good, since I'm stuck here for a while, eh?). Don't get me wrong, I still very much miss home and that life, but I am starting to feel comfortable here, too.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Adventureless? HA!

I swear, the day this city becomes a non-adventure is the day after it implodes or something. And I'm beginning to learn that what this city means by adventure is really just what everyone else would call inconvenience. When I arrived home the other day and ran into the girls in the kitchen, they mentioned that there was a Kmart nearby. I looked it up and it said 34th St. O goodie! I know where that is, and it's pretty easy to get to. Penn Station is on 34th (that's where I picked up Amanda and Matt). So I decided to try it out. Also, my computer keys have become kinda sticky, so I made an appointment at the Apple store to get it fixed. I figured I'd just make a day of it. So, I gathered my things and headed out.
The Apple store is at 66th St station. When I got off, I made it to the store easily. I waited around for about half an hour for someone to see me. When he looked at my computer, he gave me the bad news...liquid damage...worse news...not covered! AAHHH. So I was confused because the whole reason I bought the extended warranty was because the guy specifically said it would cover everything (INCLUDING liquid damage. I think his exact words were, "You could drop it in the pool, and they'd still cover it."). So, he decided to throw me a bone and they'd fix it for free!! WOW! Thanks. Assuming it's just the keys and they don't find extensive damage inside (which I'm hoping not, and everything seems to work ok, so maybe it's fine), they'll cover it. Now, time to venture to Kmart.
When I looked up directions, Google said to take the A train because the 1 train lets out several blocks East of where I needed to be. Ok, fine. So, I got to the train station only to find out that to go one stop downtown, I have to ride uptown about 3 stations because of all this construction...grr! So, I got on and rode up to 96th, switched to downtown, and rode BACK down to 50th where I could switch to A. I really should have just walked the 10 blocks, but I had already paid. So, I took the A and got off at 34th. Finding my way to Kmart, I realized I could have just taken the 1 as it really wasn't as out of the way as it appeared. O well. I found all my stuff I needed and had planned to take a cab home as much of it was too big and bulky to carry on the train. Then I saw a sign for same day delivery in Manhattan for only$15 (way cheaper than a cab). Nice. Ok, so I did that.
Since I was down by Penn anyway, I decided to stop at the HUGE (an entire city block) post office to change my address since I changed rooms. I don't know why it's so difficult to have these stupid things out, but apparently it is. So, I waited in line for forever, it seemed, and got my form.
Then I decided it would be a good idea to go talk to a human at Amtrak for this weekend's trip to CT instead of booking online. I walked into Penn and realized that was a bad idea. The cue was huge. Nevermind! Forget that! I was so done at that point.
I just grabbed my stuff and headed home. I took the 1 all the way...direct with no stopping...very nice. So, now I'm home and in desperate need of a nap before class. Unfortunately, I still have to finish some homework. O well!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Back Home

The shower went very well. The whole weekend, in fact, went very well. For those of you that know my sister and me, this is great news! We didn't fight at all, and it was very nice. It was great to finally see the bar and the house. The baby kicked and moved around a lot for me...that was fun (probably not so much for Becky, though). But after a hot and sticky weekend in FL, it was time to say goodbye to the family and Patrick (tear!) and head back to NY. The flight was fine and uneventful (which is good) other than the obnoxious kids...grr Disney! But now I'm back in my new room (which I get to keep, btw, YAY!) and all is well. When I got back to Whittier, the girls on my floor were having a dinner party in the kitchen (they were just cleaning up). I poked my head in, and Ting said she had knocked on my door to invite me but I wasn't home. I thought that was so sweet! So, I met a few more girls on my floor and talked with them a bit. They even helped me move my AC to my new room and switch out the fridge! One girl is from Westminster! Neat! So, perhaps I have some friendships budding. It's nice. Maybe this place isn't so hostile after all.
But, for now, it's time for some homework!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sitting, Waiting

I've arrived in Orlando only to find out that I now have to wait even longer to see my baby! UG! Stupid Florida rainstorms. His flight is delayed over an hour. So now, instead of waiting about 3.5-4 hours for him, I have to wait 5! Thank goodness for free wifi! But, I got good news today...I get to stay in the nicer room! I have to be out by COB Monday (which could be a trick...not quite sure how to get my ac out, but it'll work). So here I sit, bored already after only an hour. O well, I can do it! :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My First Night Outing

I haven't really posted much in a couple days, because I haven't really done anything worth reporting (not that today really was, but here goes). I spent pretty much all day doing homework and then went to class (so much fun, isn't it; the life of a student?). However, after class I decided I needed to go down to B&N yet again to finish getting the books for class that I need. I didn't really realize what time it was until I was boarding the train and looked at my watch: 8:30. I stayed at B&N till they closed (10) and made it home. It really was uneventful, but I realized that it really was my first solo nighttime outing. Yay. This city, as I'm learning, really is a magical place, and I'm learning to love it more and more (which I suppose is good as I'm stuck here for a while).
Tomorrow I'm off to Florida for Becky's baby shower, and I'm SOOOO excited. Many reasons, really, but namely because I finally get to see her pregnant and feel that it's real. Everyone asks me if I'm excited to be an aunt, and while I am, it just doesn't really feel real yet. So I'm excited to see the little bugger there! And I haven't seen Kevin since my brother's wedding last summer, so that'll be nice. :D Plus, Patrick is coming, too. Needless to say, I'm wicked excited to see him. :D I've missed him a lot, but Skype is a great thing! And Mom will be there, so I'm excited to share my stories with all of them (they read this, but it's different in person). I wish Jeff were coming, but I understand. And Kevin's parents will be there. That'll be fun.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

O Happy Day

Today has started off wonderfully! I finally got to sleep in some (the first time since moving) and sauntered out of bed at 10:30! After getting ready to go, I took the train downtown a ways (luckily the construction is only Wed-Sun) and picked up my textbook from B&N finally. Before getting to the bookstore, I stopped at my fave little eatery for some breakfast...ok, so totally not healthy, but I had to have something, right? :) Making it to B&N (I might add, without getting lost or turned around at all on this entire trip!), I picked up my text and located a play that I had been thinking about lately. It's the play my dad and I did together twice that was one of his favorites. It's funny and we got to blow stuff up...can't get much better, huh? Anyway, it's also the play we had started when he got really sick and I had to finish for him. So, I bought that script. It was just starting to drop a few drops of rain the whole time I was out and about. Then, coming home, I could tell it was about to pour! As I walked into my dorm, I checked my mailbox to find the sweetest card in there. It really made my morning. As I walked into my room (the new, hopefully permanent one), it started really raining hard. It sounds so peaceful and calming. I love it! I really am enjoying myself here, as hard as it is. I am learning to make the best of things (not that it wasn't really in my nature, anyway). Julie, I know I can do this! :) I love you all and miss you terribly!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Can You Become...A New Version of You

I admit, I have a bit of an obsession. I love the show Felicity. I always have (well, always since it's been on). But, I never really realized how real it was until fairly recently. In season 3 they changed the opening song (Amy Jo Johnson left the show, so they stopped using a song she sang), and the opening line asks, "Can you become a new version of you?" and it really hit me. Just now. I took this journey to NY to further my education, better my job prospects and become a better teacher. But, I think I also had some personal issues underlying it that I didn't really realize or maybe just didn't want to admit. I feel kind of foolish, now, realizing that maybe I wasn't as mature and grown up as I thought I was. Or maybe that's the maturing process, right? Realizing? I don't know. Anyway, this song really hit me tonight as I'm realizing the growth I've had in just the past week. I know, I know, it's only been a week. But, it's been a very trying week and a very difficult one. So, I feel like I've had many opportunities to grow, and I've changed some. Hopefully it's for the better. One thing that resonates with me a lot right now is a conversation I had shortly before I left about letting little things bother me. I admit, I do. I let them irk me or irritate me or even sometimes freak me out for a bit before I can really deal with them and move on. I still do that, but I am working on it. I feel like I'm making progress, too, as I'm realizing that I'm on my own out here. Yes, I have friends and family just a phone call or text away, but physically, I'm on my own. So, when something presents itself, I have to deal with it. I think I'm becoming a better person. I'm learning my independence and my own strength. It's kind of like when I first got divorced. I learned a lot about how strong I can be and how independent I can be. But even then I had a lot of people to lean on that were physically there and totally supportive and completely wonderful. Now, those same people are filling that same role again but 3000 miles away. I wonder, can we become a new version of ourselves? If we can, will our old friends still like us? I certainly hope so, because I feel I'm being forced to grow and change out here and can only hope my friends still like me when I return a little more worn.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Say Wha....?

O, NYC, the adventure never ends with you does it? Today's adventure, however, I could have gone a lifetime without. I've woken up every morning since I moved at 4:3o, 6:30 and then 8:30. I blamed the 6:30 on the sun hitting the building across from me just right. But now I know why the 4:30 one happened. I have also been noticing strange bites here and there since I've moved. Last night, however, when I woke up at 4:30 (ok, technically this morning), I realized there were many many more. I have bedbugs. Yup, you read that right. Bedbugs. They are vile, disgusting creatures. The more I learn about them, the more grossed out I am. So, I went downstairs at 4 in the morning to ask the guard on duty what I should do. He was shocked it had taken me this long to report and assured me he would contact his manager and get something figured out for me as soon as a decent hour approached. (I didn't know at first what they were, but in putting all the pieces of the puzzle together, I can't see that it could be anything else, now. Especially realizing that they detect food by carbon dioxide. So they realize I'm breathing and come feast. But why did it take them so long to really come out? My only theory is that yesterday we stirred them up when we installed the air conditioner as I think they live in that wall/outlet. Also, last night was my first night to sleep with the windows closed, so there was a lot more CO2 in the room to detect.) Anyway, not wanting to go back to bed (obviously), I piddled around online. About 7:30 I got a call from the CA on duty. She told me the process of getting rid of bedbugs. Boy is it a process.
First, I have to gather up ALL my clothing and washable sized fabric anything. Anything that can be washed must...right away...in HOT HOT water. (I wash everything in cold...this is gonna suck!) Then, I have to take the rest of my belongings and put them into trash bags. We then have to take the trash bags outside and let them sit to kill whatever bugs or eggs might be in those things. EW! But, being in the city, that means I have to be out there too. GRR! But, they were gracious enough to give me a prepaid laundry card and keys for a new room until the exterminator can come tomorrow.
After gathering all my bedding and laundry, I proceeded to put everything in the giant industrial trash bags they also provided. I spent most of the day doing laundry and putting it (once clean) into trash bags and into my temporary room. I couldn't put them back into my hampers because those, too, are cloth. We decided that there was too much conflicting information about the "sun baking" for the bugs and that we'd wait and ask the exterminator tomorrow.
My hope is that it is a small infestation and probably hasn't spread to the rest of my things. So, I sit here in my temp room sweltering without my spoiling AC and wishing none of this had happened. I also giggle because now my mattress cover is pink from the red pattern on my sheets and having to wash it all on hot. hehe :) So, like typical me, I find something to make a little light of the situation. Because, after all, it's a pretty sucky situation!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Yet Another Adventure

Today was yet another adventurous day. Amanda (friend from middle school from CT) and her boyfriend came to visit me in the city today. It was, like everything else in this place has proven to be, an adventure. Matt had offered to help me install (pick up and install) an AC unit for my room. What a great guy, right? Boy did he not realize what he was signing up for! :) We all jumped on the train (having to go uptown some before going downtown yet again) and trecked down to the Target in Brooklyn once more. We finally got there and realized that not only do they not have any ACs but they were not ordering any more. GRRRRR!! I called around to some different places around town, and after finding out that everywhere else is way expensive, I decided to forgo the idea of AC and just deal. As we were walking out of the Target, we saw a sign for the appliance store across the street advertising that they had ACs and they were on sale! Huzzah!! YAY! So we wandered over there and got one. It was even about the same price as Target...double yay! As we were leaving, a man greeted us at the door and asked if we needed a taxi. In fact we did. So, he lead us over to his car. It was completely unmarked and he did not even have a LTS plate (Limo/Taxi Service) on it, so we decided to pass and find a Yellow Cab...just seemed safer. When we flagged one down, we got in and told the driver where we were going. He then hemmed and hawed and decided it would be too much work to turn around and go the direction we needed. And get this...he kicked us OUT!! WTF! Yeah! So we crossed the street and got another one. His loss, cuz that was a big fare. Anyway, we made it home again safely and in one piece. Now it's time to figure out how to install this thing. Matt assured me that it was pretty simple, and he was confident he could do it. He's mechanically inclined, so I trusted him.
When we got the thing out of the box (which halfway required an engineering degree with all that crap in it), we heard a rattling of a loose screw. It sounded like one had dropped into the unit and was rattling around. O well. Once it's in, it will be stable and won't hear it, right? Ok. So we plugged it in and OMG! It sounded like a small plane was trying to take off out of my room! We quickly unplugged it and Matt set to work to disassemble and find that screw! Obviously it was causing more problems than anticipated. Once Matt had torn apart the cover, he found the screw and removed it. Yay! Fixed! We plugged it back in, but no avail...still a Cessna. Ok, Matt...have at it. He dug deeper and found out that the little screw had knocked some small piece of plastic loose inside that was hitting the belt or something like that and was causing the awful noise. Once he removed this and fixed it, we tried a third time...success! He reassembled my machine and again tried putting it in the window. It now sits there quite beautifully and cools VERY well. Thanks, Matt!!!
After a rest and enjoying the AC for a bit, we set out to go back downtown (up a few first, of course). Once we made it downtown, we had some Nathan's for dinner (mmm) and it was time to go to the train station to say goodbye. Upon arrival, though, we realized that the Amtrak to get Amanda and Matt home had been "indefinitely suspended" due to downed wires on the track. Great. Just what this day needed. So, we schleped it over to the Port Authority Bus Depot and tried to find a bus for them to get home tonight. Luckily they made it and are on their way home now.
Overall, a successful day but quite an adventure, indeed!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Spoke Too Soon

Ok. I guess I spoke too soon. Target was a bit of an adventure, but not nearly as bad as WalMart. I should have known better when, as I was walking to the train station, I thought...hmm, maybe I should save this for tomorrow, since I have nothing to do at all...nah! So, I got to the train and filled up my card. Once I entered the loading area, I realized that the downtown rain area was blocked off. Due to construction, downtown trains were skipping the 3 or 4 stations all around me. So...I had to ride UPtown about 3 stations, transfer to downtown (which, luckily, they provided for free) and head the bajillion blocks down to Brooklyn to get to the Target. So, what should have been about a 45 min ride ended up being an hour and 15 min! Ug...it takes FOREVER to get anywhere in this city! At least I'm learning. It's funny, I used to allot myself about 20-30 min to get anywhere at home, now I have to allow an hour. Erg. So, anyway, I made it to Target and got my stuff (plus some, of course) and made it home all in one piece! Yay for an exploration day! I had fun and feel very accomplished. :D

Out and About...On My Own

Well, yesterday was my first day all by myself in the big bad scary city. :) It wasn't so bad. But, I didn't really go anywhere, either. I stayed in the AC as it is still wicked hot and read my book for class. It was nice to just retreat and ignore my circumstances. It turned out to be a fabulous book, too. It was Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech. Anyway, after reading my first two books (yeah, that's right...two books in one day! I know, who am I, and what have I done with Kim that she's actually reading books for class and 2 in one day!), I attended a movie night in my dorm hall. I met some nice girls that live in my building and are also brand new. It was nice to just sit and chat knowing we're experiencing the same feelings, fears, doubts, and worries. One girl has also left behind a boyfriend, so we commiserated together. :)

Today, however, I decided I needed to get out, as I am out of reading material and I had some errands to run. So, I braved the streets and headed uptown into Harlem. I found the post office to mail my first package to Patrick (stuff he forgot while he was here) and found some neat things along the way. I found a branch of the NYC Library (YAY!!) and a closer DD (uber yay!). There is also some shopping down by the PO that is nice to see (Old Navy, a decent-sized grocery store, etc.). It was nice to get out and explore some. Now I'm headed way downtown into Brooklyn to go to Target. I'm hoping it's not nearly as adventurous as WalMart. :)

Until next time...


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I've made it! Now what?

Since I still don't have internet in my room, I'm having to post from the student lab in my building. Hence, there aren't pics up yet...but I hope to post tomorrow! :) As for my big move-in weekend, it was quite exciting (in both good and bad ways). It was also very hot! NY was experiencing a record-setting and tying heat wave with actual temperatures hitting 103 and "feels like" temps reading 110! Plus the humidity! Coming from CO where a humid day is when the humidity is 20%, NY is gross with its 40%...ik!

Satuday, July 3, 2010:

Today's the big day! I'm leavin' on a jet plane. Don't know when I'll be back again...those words were never so true. So tragic. I really do love Colorado, and I will miss it terribly. I keep telling myself that it's only temporary, and I'll be back to visit in the mean time, too. However, as I arrived in NY (at Laguardia), Patrick and I decided that it would be worth the extra cost to take a cab from the airport to school rather than try to figure out how to put all my stuff onto a crowded bus. Good plan! The cabbie was so nice! He answered all our touristy questions and explained everything very well. We tipped nicely! :) So, we've arrived. We pull up to my new home at 1230 Amsterdam Ave and are overwhelmed by the grandure of it all. The ten stories tower above us and make us cower in its wake (or me anyway; I suppose I can't speak for Patrick). As we enter the building, I am in awe of the beauty. It's breath-taking. So after realizing I have a task at hand, I walk up to the security desk and announce my business here. They have no idea what I'm talking about or who I am or have any record of expecting me...great! Fabulous! I've just traveled 1700 miles and have no place to live? Are you kidding me? The security man calls the CA (Community Assistant-kinda like an RA in undergrad) on call. She comes to my rescue! She found my packet and keys and whatnot in the office and let me move in (YAY!! THANKS!). After carting all my stuff upstairs (not super hard as there was an elevator, but the map to my room was kind of confusing), Patrick and I had a good freak out. What have I done? Where am I? What did I sign up for? So, we decided to walk around the neighborhood to get familiar and figure things out. Maybe that will calm us down....it did. We wandered around and grabbed some dinner. It's a very nice area, and I think I'll like it here. Then we crashed...sooo tired.

Sunday, July 4, 2010 - Happy Independence Day!

Today we decided to take the ultimate adventure: WalMart! So, we checked our list, grabbed our things, and headed for New Jersey...yup, you read that right...Jersey! The closest WalMart is in Jersey (as I really am on the state line, it's not so surprising, but getting there is a BEAST!). We headed out for the 1 (train) and took it down to Time's Square. Upon arrival, I realized that Patrick had never been to NYC before, so we kinda took our time poking around and getting to the bus depot so he could see it. We knew we'd be back later, so we still kinda rushed. At the bus depot, we knew what bus line we needed, but had no clue how to get to it or the tickets we needed. Apparently to get to Jersey, you can't use the same MTA (Metro Transit Authority) card we did for the train to get there. So, we finally found our way to the appropriate bus. We got off at the stop Google told us and realized WalMart was nowhere near us. When we asked the guy at the stop, he chuckled and explained we'd gotten off too early and graciously gave us continuation tickets for the next bus. Now we're at WalMart...o the joy...ug. So you think WalMart is bad at home? It's not New Jersey! haha. Anyway, we finally finish up and somehow manage to stuff it all into the bags we've brought. We get back on the bus and decide to not tackle the train with all this stuff. We got a taxi from the bus depot home.
After making it home, we went to the local market for some groceries. I found Poland Spring water, FLUFF, and some other local goodies I'd missed over the years. Surprisingly, though, and very sadly, Dunkin Donuts is not a convenient trip as the nearest one is about 15-20 blocks from me! Although, I suppose this is probably good news for my waistline! Anyway, we made it back home and unpacked everything (groceries and the stuff from home and WalMart) and decided it was time to get out. It was the 4th of July, afterall. So, we headed back down to Times Square and fought the mob. It was CRAZY busy. Granted, it's the most popular place in the city on a holiday weekend but still! Oy! I think the only place more crowded might have been down at the Hudson watching the fireworks, but I'm not even sure about that! We ate dinner at Bubba Gump's, and I finally got my chowda! Mmmm New Englad Clam Chowder (even though I'm technically not in NE, I'm close enough!). After that we headed home and called it a night.

Monday, July 5, 2010:

Today's agenda was simple: bookstore for the books and supplies I need, and then touristy stuff! Enjoy the day! So, we headed to the bookstore and royally struck out. The books I needed weren't instock at all. So I settled for just getting my supplies and each of us a shirt. After getting home and feeling utterly dejected, we headed for Central Park and the Natural History Museum. It was WAAAYY too hot to do anything outside. When we got to the museum, it was amazing! Air conditioning! YAY! But besides that, they had a really cool space exhibit that took up a good portion of a couple floors. It was nerd heaven (and therefore us heaven! :) hehe)! After the space stuff we saw the rest of the stuff and the dinos and headed home...afterall, it was to be the night we celebrate my birthday since tomorrow Patrick leaves. Anyway, on the way home, we stopped at the bookstore where I was MUCH more successful. I got all the books I needed. But, alas, once we got home, we were both too tired to put in the energy to get dolled up and go out. So we found a local neighborhood greasy spoon place (one of our favorite genres) that called itself "truckstop gourmet"...how fantastic! And fantastic it was! It was way better than getting dolled up and being uncomfortable all night. So we walked up to Harlem to Toast and had a fabulous comfortable dinner. Then on the way home we tracked down a DD (Dunkin Donuts) for breakfast. I call that a successful day!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010 - Happy Birthday to ME!

Today has been a roller coaster. The plan was to just enjoy it doing uber touristy things and then go take Patrick to the airport. I had a little bit of business to do this morning, as this was the first day offices have been opened since I've been here. So I got my ID and we took off. We headed down to Grand Central Station...how marvelous! It was great. Patrick really enjoyed it, I think. Then we headed down to Battery Park to catch the ferry to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. That didn't happen, though. When we got there, the announcement said the crown tickets were already sold out (the ones that allow you to go up IN the statue) and so all you could do was walk around it. Plus, the wait for the next ferry was an hour and a half...in the hot sun...without shade....O HELL NO! Today was the record day...103 with a feel temp of 110! Instead, we wandered around the park a bit and decided to find the Wall Street Bull. That'd be fun. Right? Well, once again, Google tells us wrong and we never found him. We got to Bowling Green and decided it was time to head home. Once we got back up to my neck of the woods, we had a nice sushi (yum!) lunch and headed for the airport (tear). As one can imagine, it was terribly hard to say goodbye. I know I'll see him often throughout my time here (a lot in July, actually), but it's still not the same. I'm still missing him a lot! But, I'll be strong...I know I can.

So, here I sit, alone, in a strange city with no friends on my birthday, missing everything and everyone I love. But as a very wise and great friend often says, "I can do this, whatever this is."

I love you all, and thank you for your love, prayer, and support!


Friday, July 2, 2010

In the beginning....

Hi World!

I'm leaving on a plane to New York tomorrow. Starting a new adventure is always exciting, but scary. I made this blog to keep track of this journey.

I can't wait to share it with all of you!