Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Long Awaited Update

Well, after some significant nagging from Julie (heart you!), I have decided to take up my blog again.  Julie logged in and changed it for me (as that was my excuse--it was still about NY) and now I have no more excuses. As I haven't blogged since June of 2011, I have some catching up to do, I suppose (though not really sure why, as the only people that read this know my story, but o well, here goes).

After coming home from NY in May of '11, I was soon headed out again. This time, I was headed to Boston for 2 months to teach at a summer program out there. It was very exciting, and I made lots of friends. I was also able to hang out with some of my friends that live out there. While I was there, I attended Amanda and Matt's wedding--super exciting! It was a great time, but I still missed home.

After my 2 month stint back in the northeast, I was finally home. However, finding a job (which I had been looking for all summer) was proving extremely difficult. Unfortunately, funds were dying out, so I had to make a choice. I decided to accept a position in HR and move to Dallas. I wasn't thrilled, but I was determined to make it work. I was determined to make myself be happy there. In September, I moved to Dallas to start working at Rent-A-Center in the payroll department. Unfortunately, circumstances there were less ideal than anticipated. I had committed that I would not continue looking for teaching positions while there (at least for that next school year), because I was going to make it work. However, on the encouragement of Mom, I started looking nearly right away.

In March I was offered a position to teach. I was thrilled. The caveat: it was in Japan. :) I was all set and ready to move. My bags were quite literally packed and on my floor when I decided that leaving June 1 to move across the world might not be the best idea. I postponed my departure in hopes of finding a better-fit job stateside. I scoured the country looking for jobs. I was contacted by 4 schools for interviews--awesome! This was farther than I'd ever gotten before! I was really feeling hopeful. Three of the 4 were in CO, too! Bonus! After explaining that I was in Dallas and agreeing to skype and phone interviews, I'd made my best efforts around the country. One school, a boarding school in OH had me go through so many rounds of interviews, they even flew me out there. It was a nice trip and I enjoyed the opportunity, but in the end I was offered and accepted a job at Hackberry Hill Elementary in Arvada, CO. I would be teaching 3rd grade GT. Perfect! This is right up my alley! As it turns out, it's like a school within a school where the gifted center is a full-time gifted school within the elementary school.

So, now you're caught up. I'm teaching in Arvada (about 15 minutes from my house, where I live with Julie and Sara again) and absolutely loving it! My kiddos are the best (yeah, they all say that, but mine really are), and the parents are just as awesome!

It's been quite a start to the year. When I arrived at school, I was informed that I would have a teammate! Yay! They hired another 3rd grade GT teacher, so I would have only 18 students! Wow! That's awesome! Then, on the 2nd day of school, it was decided that we were able to hire another teacher. This time it was for 5th grade. It was exciting and great news for the 5/6 combo classes that were HUGE, but it was bad because we didn't have any space to put another teacher. So, on the second day of school, I was told that I had to move. I had the 2nd smallest class size (Jessica, my teammate had 1 less, but she had some needs in her room to keep her where she was), so I was chosen to move. I would be moving into the conference room. However, after further investigation, the district deemed the conference room an unfit classroom. Instead, it was decided that Jessica and her class would move into my room and we would co-teach the 33 kids together. That would free up her room for the new teacher and give the 3rd grade GT unity that they had been used to (the class had always been one).

So far, all 3 weeks into this new arrangement, it's been amazing! Jess and I work really really well together and it truly is the best thing for these kids! The parents have been so supportive of us, and we cannot express our gratitude enough! I truly have the best kids, parents, and colleagues!