Friday, April 12, 2013

Recovery Update

Surgery went super well. Dr. Z was able to go in and fix the bone. My labrum was torn, so he stitched that back together and other soft tissue, too. And he anchored it all to my bone with 7 screws! Dr. Z came out and talked to mom, but she didn't retain much, since she wasn't as familiar with it. He took lots of pictures, and I can't wait to see them!

The anesthesiologist was able to use the skin barrier, so the EKG monitors wouldn't eat my skin. Yay. She also took great care of me, knowing I get super nauseous and a difficult to wake up. I had no nausea and actually woke up in PACU. I never remember the first stage of recovery rooms. Yay!

Since leaving the hospital, I've been doing well. Mom has been taking good care of me, getting up with me every 2 hours to pee, even. Lol. The pain has been pretty easy to manage. I actually haven't had any of my pain meds since about midnight this morning. The nerve block Dr. Simpson (the anesthesiologist) put in was great. It made my entire left leg completely numb, which helped the pain, I'm sure. I'm just happy it worked so well. It's worn out now, but I'm doing surprisingly well.

My post op appointment is in 2 weeks, and I will hopefully get my pics then. I am super curious.

Thank you all for your love and support; it sure makes my recovery faster and smoother.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tomorrow's the day!

Tomorrow is my big day. I'll be going under the knife for my Old-Lady-Hip-No-More surgery. From all I've heard around town, I have the best surgeon there is for this surgery (which is a petty rare one). And I've talked to several people who have had something similar and gotten a better idea of what my recovery will be like. I'm hoping it's as smooth as they predict. I'll be sure and update as my recovery goes along. Thanks, all, for your love and support through all of this!