Monday, April 18, 2011

Awesome awesome weekend!

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged, but there’s good reason…I’ve been working! My school work and work-work are pretty much consuming my life, and I haven’t really taken many adventures around the city or otherwise.

However, this weekend was different. This weekend was a girls’ weekend adventure

extraordinaire! The plan was for Ali and Kate and me to paint Bean Town red with style! However, unfortunately, Ali wasn’t able to join us. So, Kate and I had to make up for her missing and cause havoc enough for the 3 of us, right?

Saturday was the Five O’Clock Shadow 20 year reunion show, so what better excuse did we need for a trip, right? Right. It was decided. We rented a car from Newark Airport and booked a hotel outside the city and were gonna make a memory *cue Bon Jovi*!

Kate and I left Saturday morning at 7:30 to head to Newark. According to The Great Goog, it should have taken 1.5 hours to get there from our house…wrong, goog, wrong. We took a subway, then had to kill 45 minutes to wait for the train. Took the train and had to take an airtran to the other side of the airport, then another shuttle van to the rental place. That’s a lot of modes of transportation just to pick up another! Anyway, by about noon we were finally on the road headed out.

We were snuggly situated in the car, ready for a ride. Cabbot was quite comfy lounging across the backseat. And we were off! We had the GPS unit (which we lovingly named Iris) programmed and talking us through navigating the City. By the time we finally made it out of NY, we decided that since we were travelling through New Haven anyway, we should drop Cab off and not have to worry about him.

After stopping in New Haven and then getting on the road, we made it to our hotel by about 4. It was a long day. Since the show was soon, we decided to just chill there and hit Boston


Lunch at Friendly's--SCORE! Miss that place!

Hot ladies, ready for a great show!

What a show it was! The guys did amazingly (not that there was any doubt)! It was so fun. Way to go, guys!

Tribute...one of my absolute faves!

Once we finally made it to Boston Sunday morning, we wandered around Quincy Market and had some Chowda! Kate had never had clam chowder before…crazy! I was popping all kinds of V-bubbles for her (FOCS, Boston, and now chowda). Wandering around one of my favorite cities in the country, I felt a bit nostalgic and homesick (surprisingly, since I've never actually lived in Boston). But, amazed and engulfed in its beauty I was so happy to share it with Kate.

After wandering and pestering the city, we met up with Oren and got to properly hang out, since after the show was so hectic with all his fan-mob and whatnot ;). It was a nice time to catch up and introduce Kate. Then it was time to hit the road again *cue Daddy singing for the road trip "On the Road Again"*!

RAIN! OMG RAIN! Apparently we drove the length of the cloud because it rained the WHOLE trip. There were times it was rather torrential. But alas, I made it (dropped Kate off in New Haven to stay with Bill). I finally got the car back to NJ and really wanted to just cab it back home (love that cab is a verb in NY). But they wanted to charge $130! Um no. So I took the train, finally getting home at 1am.

It was quite a weekend and had SOOO much fun. We really missed Ali, too. Made lots more fun memories (as we always do when we go out).

Will really miss it here.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Warrior

I love it when I have a productive day. I always tease Patrick, that it's his favorite kind of day, but I can see why. It just feels so good to get your shit done!

Anyway, this weekend, I had a seminar class. I was really not looking forward to it. I just knew I had a lot of stuff to do and didn't want to give up my whole weekend to do it. But, I had to. So, Friday morning bright and early I reported to class. It was on Augmentative & Alternative Communication. It was FULL of speech pathology students (as it was part of their program), and I was generally lost in the mix. O well. But...good news came! I found out late Friday that class was not meeting on Saturday, after all! What? Really? AWESOME! I got a whole day I thought was lost! Fantastic!

So, Saturday I vowed to make the most of my time. I slept in (seems like a counter-productive move, but it was needed!) and got rolling right away. I got up and went to the gym (a foreign concept, in general, but I'm trying to get better) and came home to wash up and get going. I finally made it out to queens and ran some errands. It was only 2:00, and I had already gotten a lot done! I was so excited. I was multitasking, too. I was reading on the trains and getting some homework done. WOO HOO, look at me! When I came home, I buckled down and wrote and wrote and wrote. It was a good feeling to get some things crossed off (as it always is). Then, Saturday night I watched the UConn men's game with mom on the phone (just like old times). It was a fantastic victory, and a really good game.

Then, Sunday, I went back to class and finished up. We got out early, which was nice, so I went back to the gym (2 days in a row! Who am I?) and came home to write some more. After working a bit more, I decided I'd be done for the day. I vegged a bit and curled up in bed with the UConn women's game. At halftime, though, I called it quits. I just couldn't stay up longer.

I was saddened to wake this morning to find out my girls had lost. :( But, there's still hope for the men tonight! LET'S GO HUSKIES!!!

So, while it may not sound like much (and certainly not exciting), it was a good weekend for me. I feel good, productive, and happy. YAY!