Sunday, October 28, 2012

Since last we met

Well, since last I spoke, it's been a great time. The co-teaching thing is still rockin and rollin. I'm really enjoying being at Hackberry, and I love my teammates and parents.

We've established our classroom as the new joint effort and to really make the union, I decided we needed to make a flag. It was really exciting, because I tied it into our Social Studies unit on communities and taught them about vexillology (the study of flags!)! So, we created a new class name and flag. Our name is the Hudward HHive (Hudward comes from our two names - Hudson and Howard, and the hive is just something they came up with, so we made it have two H's for our name and our school). Here are the pictures from that project.

The first is the fabric I chose to make the flag. Then are some of our class holding the finished flag!

It has a hive hanging from a branch in the top corner (the canton) with two cursive H's on the hive. It has mountains in be background and 35 bees flying around the top. Each student decorated their own bee. We're very proud! The second class picture is the same thing with less lens flare.

Last week we went on our first class field trip. In fact, it was a school-wide field trip that Hackberry does every year. As Jess and I are both new to Hackberry, we had no idea. We found out about a week before that we actually go, too! Fun! It was to the symphony. It was so much fun. Teachers had told us that our school is consistently the best behaved and has wonderful manners, and boy, were they not lying! I am so incredibly proud of my kids, I can't help but brag! Everyone looks so nice all dressed up and pretty! I took some pics of us walking in:

It was such a great day, and I am so proud of everyone! Next week we have our 3rd grade field trip to Berry Patch Farm, and I'm sure they'll be just as fantastic!

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