Monday, October 25, 2010

Paranoid Awakening

I woke up this morning itching. I thought, hmm that's strange, why does this spot itch so badly. Then I realized it was a raised bump. O NO! Not again! I looked at the clock, and sure enough, it was about 4am. WTF, are you kidding me!? I coaxed myself back to sleep completely paranoid and itching all over.

When I woke this morning, it was huge, but it was only one. Hopefully, it will stay only one and it's a spider or something. I've been paranoid all day and itchy everywhere, although I know it's just mental. It does look different than before and it doesn't ache like those did. I really think it is just a spider.

Wish me luck!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

No More Rain!

As a friend of mine put it, NY has been raining shit on me lately. :) However, I'm done. Ok, background...it's been a while since I've posted...

I'm working two jobs and taking 13 graduate credits. It's hard, and I'm finding myself perpetually tired, on edge, and worst of all: emotionally drained. Unfortunately, that's really difficult when you're 3000 miles away from anyone that can refill that. But, we're doing our best.

The past couple days have been exceptionally hard. After a not-so-pleasant Tuesday, yesterday was a full-out down pour of shit-storm. I received a bad grade in class, so I was already bummed walking back home. Then, I got my mail and opened it up. I realized that it was an order from the court. As many of you know, I've been fighting all this for 2 years. Well, it just got really f'd up last night. In the notice I received, they had gotten the order completely backwards. They'd ordered me to pay him and all this other stuff was wrong. I was already frustrated with my grade, and now this!

Then, my friend Ting (used to live across the hall from me, when I was in the old room) knocked on my door. She said everything that was in the kitchen is now gone. WHAT!? All our cooking utensils and cookware (pots and pans) are gone, including the wire 4-shelf rack they were on. And all the rice cookers from the table. WTF!? So we went to our CA (kinda like and RA in undergrad but less to do with personal stuff, basically just a liaison between residents and U staff). She said she'd look into it and let us know. She then sends out an email informing the floor of our finding and adds a nice note about, basically, remember: you put things in the kitchen at your own risk. Just a nice CYA for U staff to not have to pay for our crap if it's gone. Anyway, weird mystery of the night...just one more frustration as I couldn't cook now or do my dishes (since my sponge and dish soap were with my stuff).

But...I'm done with the rain!

This morning I woke up to a glorious sound! What most of you would find annoying, I find very very exciting. It was the sound a tea kettle makes as it just starts to whistle, the really soft high pitched noise...that's right... I HAVE HEAT!!!!!! Now, I'm determined to have a good day. All's right in the world, right? They finally fixed the shower (3 weeks after the promised date), so I can return to my favorite shower; I have heat, so I can actually stay in my room without 9 layers of clothing (don't laugh, one day it was required); and I'm going to insist on clearing all this up with the courts today...no voicemails allowed!

And while it may be cloudy and gloomy today outside, it's bright and sunny in my room where I've made a turn around. Thanks to everyone that stuck with me through the storm.


Saturday, October 9, 2010


C'est si froid. Ect ist kalt! It is so cold! I think you get the point. Fall has definitely hit the city. Some days are very warm (60s to 70) and others not so much. But the nights are frigid (most in the 40s, maybe 50).

By law, in NYC, if a landlord controls the heat, it must be turned on by October 1. And, if the outside temperature during the day (6am-10pm) is below 55*, the inside temperature must read 68*. Further, overnight (10pm-6am), when the temp falls below 40*, the inside temp must read at least 55*.

For my dorm, the school (landlord) controls the heat (as would be expected). It is obviously past October 1, the temps have fallen below the stated temps outside both overnight and days. However, my room most CERTAINLY does NOT measure that warm. It is sooooo cold. I sit here in long sleeves, my hoodie and still cold.

Frustrated that the methods I've taken to complain (up the ladder and all the chains of command, then finally resorting to police) seem futile, I don't know where else to turn.

But, alas, it will change. I know it will. I just hope I don't freeze first. But I also have hope...Patrick has sent me a warm snuggly box filled with warm things, and it should arrive very soon. :) I'm excited.

On even more exciting news...Patrick is coming to see me...for a whole WEEK!!! I'm so excited. :D And we're gonna have so much fun exploring the city. Being touristy in your own town is so fun, and it's even better when your llama is there! :D