Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back to the Grind

Well, I'm back in NY and it's a slap in the face! Right away I started into Fall Semester, well, kinda. Since arriving yesterday, I've had all kinds of orientation stuff today. While I'm not really a new student, as I've been here since July and taken classes already, I still missed orientation for summer and therefore had to do it today.

Anyway, despite the delays and the incorrect time postings, the day went really well. I surprisingly learned a lot, both about TC and about my program, which makes me even more excited for it.

I've spent an exhausting day mapping out my next year and getting registered for my classes starting tomorrow, and I'm very excited for most of them. And yes, one of the ones I'm excited about is....wait for it...Grammar!! haha. Don't you love it!? :D And...physics!! YAY! :D

But I'm also taking courses in gifted children's needs, as that is why I'm here. The other two are just my electives (yes, I CHOSE those! :D).

So, a crazy busy difficult semester awaits with my 14 graduate credits ahead! Here goes nothing...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I love being home; I really do. As soon as the plane landed, I turned on my phone to text Patrick that I'd arrived. What I found, though, was quite lovely. After talking to Patrick and finding out where to meet him, I listened to the voicemail I'd received while in the air.

It was Julie. She asked if I could carve out some time that day to come over because Sara had been really excited to see me. Apparently she'd told Sara I was coming home that day, and her response was, "She's coming to see me!?" Seriously, how do you say no to that!? And she'd been asking about Patrick a lot, too. So with my heart on cloud 9 to be home, and melting at those words, I was welcomed back to Colorado in style!

I've been home a few days now, and I really am relishing the break. I've already raided the library and finished my first book. I'll return today to get another, I think. Suggestions?

While NY isn't bad, and I'm becoming more accustomed, it's still not home, and I do love it here. One semester down, two to go. I can do this!

Monday, August 16, 2010

On the Road Again...

This summer has been full of adventure and travel for me. And it hasn't stopped yet! This past weekend, I travelled down to Baltimore, MD to visit my oldest (and by that I mean longest-having, because of course she's only 23 *wink*) best friend, Angela. Ang and I have long-since joked that we are so compatible, so alike, and so well-suited for each other, that we are really just each other, separated. I love this girl so much! Anyway, I went down there and had a blast. I re-met her friends (I had briefly been introduced to them two years ago when I was there last), and got to hang out with them this time. That was fun. I fit in there, which is a nice feeling I've very much been lacking as of late. I took the bus down there, and we made an unexpected stop...in Delaware! YAY! While it did totally jack up our arrival time (making us 1.5 hours late by putting us into the thickest of traffic), it crossed off yet another state from my list (I'm down to 5 now).

After arriving safely, late but safe, we went to my first NFL game. Granted, it was pre-season, but still! We went to a Redskins-Bills game, and it was a blast! The Bills got creamed, and everyone had so much fun. The rest of the weekend was pretty relaxed. We went out Saturday night after Irene played Dress-Up-Kim-Like-Barbie haha. But yesterday we didn't even leave the house, which was quite nice.

But now I'm back in NY for a couple days, but I leave again on Wednesday! :D This time...I'm going HOME!!!!!! I'm so excited. I'm spending nearly two weeks back home, doing nothing, just enjoying time with Patrick and my friends. There's nothing planned, no events, no anything. I'm stoked. It's in between Summer and Fall semesters, and it's a well-deserved break.

So, until next time...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How Cool!

Ok, so everyone knows this city is a: HUGE, b: a popular scene for and site of filming movies, and c: star-studded.

Ok, so here's my first encounter with it...a few weeks ago I think I saw the lady that plays the sister on Notting Hill (Emma Chambers, I think) on the train. Neat!

Even cooler...today the campus was partially blocked off (you had to walk the long way around to get anywhere..kinda annoying, but worth it) because they were filming a studio movie! On campus! I tried to find out more info, but, of course, they wouldn't say anything. They wouldn't tell me the studio or who was in it, much less what it was called. But, they did tell me it was a studio film...neat! I didn't see anyone, sadly. I did see the make-up crew working on a man, but I was too far away to tell who it was (and, honestly, if I'd have been standing right there, I'm not sure I'd necessarily know).

So, that's my pathetic star-struck gogglings for the day.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Learn Something New Everyday!

So today's something new...did you know, milk expires 2-3 days earlier in NYC than it does just outside the city?

Why? NYC has its own system and regulations for deciding milk's expiration. By law, for milk coming into the city, the printed date must be no more than 9 days past the pasteurization date. Basically, the milk is stamped with 2 dates. It says, for example, August 13 in NYC Aug 10. In researching the matter, I found that NYC Health Department made the law because of delivery methods bringing the milk into the city. The milk is more likely to sit unrefridgerated for longer on a truck or sidewalk waiting to be in the store. Therefore, the city says it is illegal for sale of this product to happen past midnight of the date stamped. However, the manufacturer is allowed to make up the date for sale outside the city and is not necessarily against the law to sell past it.

There you go...a tidbit for the day!